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Super Mortgage Professionals is compiled yearly by Twin Cities Business and Mpls.St.Paul Magazine.

All Super Mortgage Professionals have been evaluated based on overall client satisfaction and whether a consumer would highly recommend them to a friend. Similar to the Super Real Estate Agents list, thousands of homebuyers who have recently purchased a home for $150,000 or more rate mortgage professionals with whom they have worked to obtain a mortgage. No mortgage professional has paid to appear on this list, and those listed represent less than the top 2 percent of the mortgage professionals in the Twin Cities market.

  • Allen Goldsmith

    Allen Goldsmith

    • I pride myself on honesty and integrity.
    • I like to educate clients as we first meet to explore what lending options are best for them.
    • Buying a home, is a huge step. Together, we can make it feel far less stressful for the client.

    1. Since 2008, I have prided myself on always putting the clients needs first. The mortgage industry is all about numbers, but my main focus has, and always will be, in the best interest of my clients. Because of this, I see many repeat customers, as well as, multiple referrals each year. The very best compliment I can ever receive, is the referral from a client who had a spectacular and smooth experience.